new EV movie premiering in annville, pa

After about a year of conversation, I am very pleased to announce that the Allen Theatre in Annville, PA will be one of the first in the country to premiere Chris Paine's new documentary REVENGE OF THE ELECTRIC CAR.  

Monday, November 7, 2011 at 6pm
Allen Theatre
36 East Main Street
Annville, PA 17003-1444

(717) 867-3545 to reserve tickets 
(mon 5pm-11pm, tues-sun 11:30am-11pm)

Immediately after being featured on the Fox 43 evening news last November, I was contacted by one of Paine's people requesting me to send them some information about my work with electric car conversion for a feature page on their movie website.  And thus, a sweet connection was made!

REVENGE OF THE ELECTRIC CAR promises an up-to-date documentary about this round of electric vehicles, specifically highlighting the arrival of the Tesla Roadster, Nissan LEAF, GM Volt and even the electric vehicle(EV) conversion community.  

This is a sequel to Chris' earlier pivotal film WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR which you may recall exposed probably the biggest auto industry blunder ever:  After satisfying California's zero emission mandate in the mid 90's with a fleet of viable pure electric vehicles, the automakers, with the eventual help of newly-elected George W. Bush, killed the legislation in a lawsuit filed against California.  Wasting no time, they reclaimed thousands of the leased vehicles, some getting 140 miles per charge and capable of 0-60 mph in 8 seconds, and quickly crushed and/or shredded them in a remote desert location.  Erased from existence if not for this film.

I've heard nothing but great reviews of REVENGE OF THE ELECTRIC CAR and look forward to finally seeing it.  Parked at the entrance of the Allen Theatre on November 7 will be the car models featured in the film for public scrutiny.  I'd like to fill all the theatre seats, so I would advise calling ahead to reserve if you're interested in coming.