good news from missouri

I just returned last night from Cape Girardeau, Missouri where the first ever electric vehicle (EV) conversion convention, dubbed "EVCCON," was held over the course of 5 days.  This gathering was the brainchild of entrepreneur Jack Rickard and Brian Noto of  For years now they have been converting cars and documenting the process - successes and failures - on video in excruciating detail.  The weekly "Friday Show" is done in HD, has been a very consistent presence and contributes volumes to the ever growing open-source EV conversion community. 

Jack would use the final evening of the convention as an ideal point to announce the winner of a contest he designed.  He and 4 other sponsors contributed a prize of a 30 kwh lithium battery pack, DC motor, 1000-amp controller, rpm sensor and an electric air-conditioning system.  Total value at an estimated $20,000.  They hand-picked 10 finalists out of 955 global entrees.  The final stage was three months of internet voting that would determine the winner.  Perhaps you saw my yellow banner near the top of my webpage and even voted.  Thousands of votes were cast, likely resulting in a huge increase in awareness of what we are doing here in the "fringe."

Well, a few evenings ago, at a formal dinner in an 1840's seminary on the Mississippi River, the winner of this contest was finally announced.  Thanks to your voting and perhaps "viral" sharing and spreading the message, I actually won the contest!   My contest essay and pictures can be found here.  In a nutshell, my ideal EV conversion was a classy electric London taxi that would be put in service around our city as a shuttle or limo service.  This would then help promote awareness of the many merits of elegant electric transport.  As Jack says, "to know one is to want one."

I want to take this space here to say thank you to about one thousand people (and you know who you are!) that took the time to listen to me endlessly rave about EVs and then make the effort to register a vote.  As you can see it was a landslide!  More footage to come, but for now, here's a quick video introduction to most of the EVs present at the convention.

EVTV Build Your Dream Contest results