evccon 2013 or bust - [taxi pt 8]

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Well, I got it into my head that I'd attend the 2013 EVTV conversion convention, or "EVCCON," with an operable, electric London black cab no matter what it took.  June and July were just a blur.  Being very goal-oriented, I gave up a bunch of music work to prepare for and attend the event in southern Missouri.  It's really the only one of its kind, and what's more, two years ago I won an unbelievable quantity of loot there in the international EVTV Build Your Dream Contest.  It was time to return to Cape Girardeau and show Jack and the fellas what it all amounted to.

Each of the cars I've converted have been quite different.  Modern vs. classic, automatic vs. manual, front- vs. rear-wheel drive, heavy vs. light, AC vs. DC.  Good for the challenge and fulfillment factors - not so good for getting them done quick.  In this project, the main time consumers were:  altering the frame for motor placement, waiting five months for my Electro Automotive adapter plate (youch!), painting the engine compartment, adding air-conditioning, switching from automatic to manual transmission, fabricating a dashboard and console, redoing the hydraulics and vehicle wire harness, and, well ok...  just about everything - ha!  Do I know how to pick 'em or what?  Hoping you'll collectively forgive the massive nine-month wait between videos number seven and eight.  Number nine should be the finale to this journey as I work to finish up the BMS, charger installation, J1772 inlet, dashboard and vehicle wiring harness.  ......'Til then!

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7

part 8

charger, bms, J1772 interrupt wiring
fun hangin in Jack's "garage"
careful now - exposed brake shoes are not for human feet
air conditioning compressor controller - before finding an enclosure
notorious british wiring
testing new thermocoupler for motor
well there's one thing to like about this store: prepping people for EV parking!
cardboard mock-up of custom dash and console