Electric Vehicle Conversions

ampREVOLT featured on TIME

Forever changed by the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car,"    I have accidentally launched myself into the world of electrified transport.  After a period of research and 3 months of building, I am now a proud owner of a reliable electric vehicle that has been functioning, from day one, as my primary vehicle.  My only regret is that I didn't do this 10 years ago.  Every time I drive this electrified classic I encounter many grins and when they find out the car is electric, the grin doubles in size.  

There is no shortage of reasons to abandon the burning of oil.   

The economy is in shambles.  Why continue to send a billion dollars out of the country daily to pay for foreign oil?  It is about four to five times cheaper to run a car on electricity - not to mention the fuel is domestically-produced by a variety of sources.  We're running up against limits with regard to the environment and the dwindling supply of oil.  Competition continues over obtaining and/or retaining control of the last remaining oil reserves.   One might observe that many US-led wars are being fought in or near oil-producing countries.  You may see this as a flawed U.S. foreign policy and an inherent threat to U.S. national security.  The current Iraq war alone accounts for thousands of soldier deaths and hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths.  Petroleum, as amazing and versatile as it is, has its costs.