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It's simply amazing how quickly 2.5 years can fly by.  Time to resurrect the Conversion Blog, or perhaps "Clog."  (i know i know... hey, if the clog fits...)

The days (years) have been largely filled with electric cars and music-making.  We're working with three colleges / universities now, and "it's been an education" (ha).  Actually I've really enjoyed these experiences, and am pleased to see just how great a fit EV conversion seems to be in academic settings.  You can easily involve students and faculty from a broad variety of disciplines, and thus departments, if you like, and this will almost definitely improve the entire end product.  . . .

evccon 2013 or bust - [taxi pt 8]

   [ Please note:  If you received two email notifications for this one blog entry, we're very sorry about that!  This issue has been fixed! ] 

Well, I got it into my head that I'd attend the 2013 EVTV conversion convention, or "EVCCON," with an operable, electric London black cab no matter what it took.  June and July were just a blur.  Being very goal-oriented, I gave up a bunch of music work to prepare for and attend the event in southern Missouri.  It's really the only one of its kind, and what's more, two years ago I won an unbelievable quantity of loot there in the international EVTV Build Your Dream Contest.  It was time to return to Cape Girardeau and show Jack and the fellas what it all amounted to. . . .

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